Breaking Through

I offer clients and music artists around the world the utmost quality production services at highly competitive rates.

With professional mixing and mastering services you can hear your songs enhanced production quality and clarity with my engineering services. 

From mixing and mastering, ghost production, film scoring to premier music remixes, I offer top quality production of all styles and genres of music. Tell me about your project and get a FREE quote within 24 hours.

mixing and mastering

Affordable mixing and mastering services with the utmost attention to time-sensitive deadlines without sacrificing quality. Audio engineer professionally trained by
Icon Collective College of Music.

By mixing and mastering your tracks, our professional audio engineers can make them sound bigger, fuller, wider and more awesome to listen to. By attentive listening, finessing and processing the sounds, we are able to take your tracks to the next level. Your tracks will sound very professional and will be ready to take on the world!

If you are struggling with your music, dis-satisfied with your dull, lifeless mix or have a flat, weak-sounding master, or just need a remix to your track, we can help!



Sync Licensing and Custom Creation of music for commercials, film and video games. Our quality audios will shape your viewers experience.

Post production audio is an essential component of any successful movie or TV show production. Quality sound and music shapes a viewer’s experience by conveying the mood of a scene, enhancing the importance of dialogue, and ultimately enhancing the impact of visual storytelling.

Ghost Production

Run out of ideas or short of time? We can help. We offer quality ghost production services with full or exclusive rights and anonymity.

Why You May Need A Ghost Producer?

Ghost producers exist because our services are needed by artists. Whether they are in a creative rut, need a new feel or different vibe with their latest track or are pressed for time, we can help with all your ghost production needs.

Maybe you are looking for a new track for a new set or trying to finish a work in progress or other needs, we can assist!