Jason Barnes is an American Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Actor from Atlanta, Georgia. 

An alumni at Icon Collective School Of Music of Los Angeles and the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, Jason has experience in all genres and styles of music.  He is currently produces and DJs in an Electronic Cinematic Bass music project called CYBRNETX, and also a collaborator at Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology where they develop artificially intelligent musical robots and experimental prototype prosthetics. 







Born in Guam, and moving to the United States at a young age, Jason has grown up in different countries around the world. From Guam to Seattle, and Seattle to Honduras, then eventually moving back to the U.S. in 2000, Jason and his family settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where he currently resides. 

Jason has been involved with music from a young age. His father Michael Barnes was a well known musician in Australia throughout the 1970’s and is also who inspired him to get involved with music. Picking up the Guitar,  Bass and eventually Drums, Jason spent his teen years playing in various bands from Metal, to Reggae, to Blues. 

When Jason was 22, he was involved in an unfortunate accident at work where he was electrocuted which ultimately led to the amputation of his right hand. The following year Jason focused on recovering, and restoring his life as a musician. He developed his own prosthesis specifically for playing drums. 

After a few months of trial and error, Jason enrolled into the Drums and Percussion program at Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. During his time here, he started  to design a more advanced prosthesis. Through his mentor Eric Sanders he was introduced to Gil Weinberg, a music technology professor at Georgia Tech. The two collaborated on a new robotic drumming prosthesis and eventually developed a working prototype. The first version was not only able to give Jason some of the feeling and technique back, but also set world records in speed. Gil and Jason have since worked on other projects such as the first prototype ultrasound based prosthesis which allowed for individual finger control for tasks such as playing piano, or typing. They continue to explore the connection between Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Prosthetics, and Music Theory.

 Jason is also an actor, appearing in movies and commercials and an accomplished music producer.


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